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Scenic City Styles

          Fees and Services
Designing your dream space is affordable. 
After the phone call to set the appointment, 
we start out with a consultation that can range from one hour to however long you need.
The initial consultation will address your ideas, desires, concerns  and will allow 
the designer to take measurements, notes and  pictures so a plan can be conceived.
Colors, styles, budget, all of this will be discussed and will help determine how to proceed.
Of course we would love to continue and produce your dream space but if all you need is the consultation that's okay too. 
We will offer any assistance that will help you discover your own style!

Please call for any and all other fees.  You may email us if you prefer.
           $100.00 - *$125.00 per hour


* This may be in place if you live 35 miles or more away...
Please call for more info.


Chattanooga, Tennessee.  423 314-6464     

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